Power Grid Failure in Bangladesh Leads to Blackout: Surviving the Killshot!

If ever we needed a dose of reality to remind us that we need to be prepared for the coming killshot from the sun, the time is now. Unfortunately, for the people of Bangladesh, that reminder took place in the form of a nationwide power failure. Bangladesh was in total darkness yesterday as a power line failure brought down the entire electrical grid. RT News reports that the blame was initially placed on India, from which Bangladesh draws most of its power supply. However, the failed power line ultimately proved to be the culprit. The reason that we need to be mindful of this incident, aside from the fact that it affected our fellow human beings, is that we know that we will soon be living in darkness as well. When the sun goes on its rampage, the entire planet as a whole may be living without power after a worldwide power grid failure ensues. The results will be catastrophic. Aside from the billions of deaths that will likely occur, those who manage to survive the effects of the sun’s heating of the earth’s atmosphere will find themselves trying to eek out an existence on a planet without modern conveniences, such as electricity. Are you ready? Click Here!

Scientists Say the Sun is Acting Weird: Killshot Warning!

The sun’s rampage is just around the corner. The signs are becoming clearer by the day. While we cannot predict either the day or the time, we can know that it is about to happen because of the signs we see taking place on the sun’s surface. Scientists are now claiming that the sun is acting weird and that they have no explanation for why this is happening. That is a pretty startling admission from a community of intellectuals who generally claim that they have an explanation for everything that happens in the cosmos. Admittedly, science is about finding the answers to these types of questions, but it is still a bit unsettling to know that the sun is acting in an unpredictable manner. In an October 29, 2014, article the PBS website, Jenny Marder notes that scientists are baffled by the activity of an 80,000 mile wide sunspot that appears to be releasing large X-class flares but no coronal mass ejections or CMEs. This sunspot is nearly ten times the size of the earth and large enough to fit the entire planet of Jupiter inside! When and if the energy from this spot is finally released, the results will be catastrophic for anything in the path of the burst. The earth is most vulnerable because of human communication systems and because of the effect that the energy will have on the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere. Communications systems will be knocked out and the atmosphere will be heated in the process. We have never had a major event where both take place simultaneously, but the time is coming. This is what Ed Dames refers to as the “Killshot.” Life on earth will soon change very drastically. Everything we take for granted will be gone and we will enter into a period where survival is our only concern. Are you ready? Click Here!

X Class Solar Flare Hits Earth: Blackouts Follow, More to Come

If you didn’t heed our earlier warnings about what the sun is getting ready to do, then you may have a little more reason to now. The sun has emitted its SIXTH X-class solar flare in the last SEVEN days! One of those flares from active region (AR) 2192 struck the earth with a glancing blow, causing a series of radio blackouts in various places across planet Earth. The likelihood of such solar flares will continue into the near future as this region of the sun is now extremely active. Although the Discovery website notes that Saturday’s flare was weaker than the a flare that also came close to earth earlier in the week, this does not necessarily indicate a weakening in strength or activity by AR 2192. In fact, the opposite may be true as the sun gets ready to let go of another major flare in the immediate future. The results could be disastrous if the earth takes a direct hit. Namely, there will be major communications blackouts and even a complete electronics technology failure that could take us back into either the middle or stone ages! Again, Ed Dames has predicted this through remote viewing and we could be seeing the early stages of the kill shot from the sun, an event that will eventually claims the lives of billions on the planet. Dames notes two other major phenomena that will occur around this event, in addition to the increase sunspot activity: news of pandemics (like Ebola) and Nuclear weapons activity by North Korea. A recent Yahoo News article pointed out North Korea may already have the know how when it comes to using long-range nuclear weapons. Capability has long been thought to be the only thing holding the wild card North Korean government from employing the use of nuclear weapons. Without this impediment, North Korea may now just be biding its time. Are you ready for what the sun is getting ready to do? Click Here!

Sun’s Rampage Beginning: Solar Killshot Coming?

As of October 22, 2014, the sun appears to once again be getting ready for another potential rampage. On Wednesday the sun shot off a major x-class flare that glanced the earth’s atmosphere, causing minor electrical communication disturbances. As you can see from the short Youtube video here, the sun spot that is currently emerging is enormous and has the potential to become a major problem, i.e., develop into a major solar storm emitting clouds of solar radiation. While we don’t have to necessarily worry that the sun will bake us per se, there is the danger that a direct hit could knock us back into the middle ages in terms of technology and communications systems. Doing so would cause a potentially dangerous social situation in which we might once again have to live a subsistence existence, surviving day to day. Major Ed Dames contends that the coming killshot from the sun will actually supercharge the atmosphere, though, creating a heating effect that will wipe out a large portion of the existing population. Pandemics, such as the Ebola crisis, events in North Korea and continued reports of major solar flare activity will be the harbingers that precede this event. Have you watched the news lately? Are you ready?

How to Survive the Coming Ebola Pandemic

The fear over the outbreak of Ebola continues to grow in the United States and elsewhere. The primary problem that we are now facing is the fact that Ebola has a 21 day incubation period and can go virtually undetected until it is too late! Whether or not there will actually be a real Ebola pandemic or not remains to be seen. It is possible that the media is being used to stir up fear over the Ebola virus so that the pharmaceutic companies can make billions of mandatory Ebola vaccines imposed by the U.S. Federal Government. What if Ebola does spread, though? What steps can you take to be ready? Alex Jones explores this issue in the video above. I would say that the first key to survival is to relax! The likelihood of a global pandemic is probably not very high, but it never hurts to prepare! More importantly, if there is a major Ebola pandemic, we will have bigger fish to fry. Ed Dames notes that this type of plague will occur just before the killshot from the sun. Ebola may only be a sign that our time is short. Even so, preparing to survive the coming Ebola plague will prepare you for just about any type of major global pandemic. You need to fear! Knowledge is power! Learn how to survive the coming Ebolba plague: Click Here!

The Ebola Conspiracy: What the CDC Does Not Want YOU to Know!

If you think the Ebola outbreak and it’s spread to the United States is a bit discomforting or just downright scary, you’re not alone. We have good reason to be concerned about a disease that has the potential to wipe out thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of people. Ebola is just one of your run-of-the-mill diseases either. It has horrifying effects on the human body and causes suffering that many of us are ill-equipped to deal with, either for ourselves or our loved ones.

Why is it that the recent Ebola outbreak in the United States is being kept under wraps by the U.S. media? Why is it that the CDC or Center for disease control is not sounding the alarm and doing everything it can to warn Americans about this deadly plague that is coming our way? Did you know that the main officials at the CDC have been using the same old worn out rhetoric used to quell concerns over the AIDS outbreak in the 1980s? On one of his recent shows, radio host Michael Savage noted that many of the medical officials at the National Institute for Health or NIH are those who worked to keep the public calm during the AIDS scare. Have you noticed how they keep saying that Ebola can only be spread through bodily fluids? Sound familiar? Have you noticed how it seems to be “mutating” and spreading otherwise? If so, you’re not alone! It’s clear that the CDC and the NIH are not telling us the truth about the Ebola outbreak. In the video above, the answer to why this is becomes clear. The CDC actually owns a patent on the Ebola virus! Of course they don’t want us to know how it spreads! The medical establishment stands to make billions of dollars on this newest scare that THEY have created! The 21 day incubation period for the Ebola virus makes it nearly impossible to detect and nearly impossible to stop! Are you prepared for the coming plague? Click Here!

Ebola Virus Mutating: Airborne Transmission to Cause U.S. Pandemic!

It has only been about two weeks since the news about a new Ebola pandemic began to spread. The video seen here shows that experts were already concerned about the possible mutation of the virus at that time. While the CDC and news media outlets have been downplaying the spread of the disease, those who was what was coming were already making note of the fact that the Ebola virus was going to be far more dangerous than anyone initially expected. Today, an article by nature.com, confirmed the fact that this mutation was taking place. Five children in Texas have already been exposed to Ebola. Do you think that number will stay that low? We all know how these pandemics start. Go back and watch the X-Files movie, Fight the Future (the first X-Files movie). An alien pandemic was planned by the Illuminati or the elites of the world. It’s release was planned as way to incite population control and bring about the rise of a new alien race through viral mutation! I’m not saying that is what we are up against here, but the concept is similar. The elites have been planning a systematic destruction of much of the world’s population. See the Georgia Guide Stones for more information on that. Just remember, it will start small and it will grow exponentially until it spirals out of control. This will be only one of many pandemics in the near future. Be ready! Click Here!

September 2014 Nibiru Update! Increase in Fireball Sightings as Precursor to Killshot!

Since December 21, 2012, and the end of the Mayan calender, many of us have become complacent about the apocalypse or any type of extinction level event. Should we now feel safe since nothing happened in 2012? The signs in the skies seem to point us to the contrary! If you have been paying any attention at all, you would have noticed that there has been an extreme outbreak of fireball sightings as of August, 2014. Today, September 25, 2014, there was an unprecedented sighting of four fireballs seen in the eastern U.S. sky. Whether or not this is a precursor to the arrival of Nibiru or Planet X remains to be seen, but Major Ed Dames is still claiming that these events are further indicators of the coming killshot. I have to admit that these events are happening at a startling pace. The time to prepare is now! Click Here!

September 19, 2014 Update: Massive Radiation Cloud to Strike U.S. Following Fukushima Fallout

Are you worried about the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown that came as a result of the great earthquake in Japan in 2011? You should be! Why? The answer to this is actually quite simple, but it requires a great deal of explanation and an open mind. The open mind is required because the mainstream media is once again not bothering to report this information, in the same way that they are downplaying the coming Ebola outbreak! If you rely on the mainstream news for your main source of information, then you will be unlikely to accept the news you’ll see here as credible. This is the kind of information that those who control the news outlets don’t want you to see or hear!

As indicated by a recent article in “Natural News,” a giant radiation cloud is slowly making its way across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the U.S. West Coast. The Pacific Ocean, in general, is in great peril as the radiation kills off massive amounts of sea life. The impact on the United States is still unknown and it is believed that the cloud may take as long as 2017 to completely reach the U.S. west coast. Even if you don’t believe that the earthquake itself was caused by Nibiru, Planet X or some other major cosmic disturbance, the results of the quake are real! The time to prepare for the fallout is now! Major Ed Dames and other remote viewers see this event and others as an signpost along the way before the arrival of the big killshot from the sun. The human race must and will survive, but will you be one of the prepared few? Click Here!

Virus Hitting U.S. May Be Sign of Impending Apocalypse!

Let’s forget about Nibiru and Planet X for just a minute. Why? Because the threat we face may be even closer than we could have ever possibly imagined. In fact, it may already be here. The planet is undergoing significant change and human beings are in grave danger. As this video shows, a major respiratory virus outbreak has already taken place across the United States in twelve different states. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is locked in an ongoing struggle to locate and treat individuals who have contracted this enterovirus. The virus itself is not new. The EV-D68 virus, as it is officially known, causes intense cold-like symptoms. Although not new, the virus appears to be of more concern lately because of the increase in hospitalizations due to its contraction.

What’s the connection to an impending apocalypse? Well, for some time now we have been reporting the arrival of Nibiru and Planet X as the harbinger event that will eventually bring about the killshot from the sun predicted by Major Ed Dames through remote viewing. Dames has also been on the record noting the outbreak of these types of viruses as time markers to let us know how close we actually are to the killshot event itself. On his Facebook page, Dames claimed that this outbreak was only the beginning of a much larger sequence of events. Although Dames hasn’t been spot-on with his predictions, things do appear to be lining up for what he predicted years ago. Notably, in addition to the viral outbreaks, Dames predicted that North Korea would detonate an atomic bomb against South Korea. Events in Korea seem to moving in the direction that such could occur in the not so distant future. In fact, North Korea has gone on record indicating its willingness to drop a bomb on the southern portion of the peninsula. We need to be aware that end times events are taking place all around us. Preparing now is best chance we have to survive. This is why I haven’t posted for several weeks. I have taken time out to prep for what is coming. Now that I am in a better position to survive, I should be posting at least a couple of times per week again. If you want to survive what is coming, don’t delay! Click Here!