Experts Say: Nibiru to Arrive in December 2015

Many of the Nibiru experts are now looking at December 2015 as the date for the arrival of Nibiru or Planet X. Does this mean that we can expect an apocalyptic event in December? Not necessarily. What some are now saying is that Nibiru will be VISIBLE around that time, but its actual passing will occur sometime between then and April 2016. Now, that doesn’t really give you much time to survive once you can see it in the sky, but if it really is visible by that time, you should have a few weeks or a month to prepare for the worst of the major cataclysms. So what can we expect? Chances are that we’ll be looking at strong earthquakes and space debris being our major problems, but there are probably other related disasters like tsunamis that will ensue as well. Are you ready? Click Here!

In addition to the phenomena seen here on earth, we also have to be aware of the fact that such a large space body will, itself, have an effect on the sun. We’ve been chronicling the strange behavior of our sun for some time now and have noted that just one major coronal mass ejection could change life on earth forever. Now, over the last two months, various scientists have been coming forward to warn us that such an event may be on the event horizon. Furthermore, many articles are starting to appear in the mainstream media telling us much of the same. Check out this Daily Mail article. Notice how we’re being told that we need to prepare now! Something is coming down the pike and we’ve got to get ready! What can you do? Click Here!

Will the terrorist organization like ISIS and the world governments take advantage of this end to time or “last days” scenario to create a false flag terror event? Click Here to Learn More About the Coming Terror Crisis!

Jade Helm 15, ISIS and the Coming Economic Collapse in 2015

The year 2015 is nearly two-thirds over, but there is still plenty on the event horizon to be concerned about. As this post is being written, the U.S. military is engaged in its ongoing Jade Helm 15 exercise, a training scenario thought by many to have nefarious origins. Now there is reason to believe that there is a connection between the advent of Jade Helm 15 and ISIS cells operating in the United States. There may be reason to believe that an economic collapse will coincide with false flag terror attacks to precipitate the need for martial law in the U.S. Yes, we’ve heard this all before in similar scenarios, but if you check out the video on the next page, you’ll see that there is more validity to this so-called conspiracy theory than you would possibly think at first. Here is the possible scenario that could usher in the “end of the world” for those of us living in the United States:

1. Jade Helm military exercises started in the early part of the summer of 2015. These exercises raised concerns over martial law, but were quickly forgotten about by the American public because we were assured that nothing sinister was taking place. This was only a “training exercise.”

2. ISIS terror cells, already operating in the United States, continue to plan and bide their time until they are given the signal to act. Again, just check out the video on the next page to see what we’re getting at here. ISIS may act at the appointed time.

3. An economic collapse will occur as a result of ISIS terror attacks and the panic they create. As the economy implodes, the U.S. government will step in an institute martial law. Jade Helm 15 military personnel will be called on to institute it and ensure that the American public is complicit.

4. Life as we now know it will cease to exist as we enter into a new world controlled by the Illuminati who will continue to use economic collapse and the threat of terror to keep us under their control. Have you prepared for the coming time of tribulation? Click Here!

August 2015 Nibiru Update: The ISIS Conspiracy and the End of the World

If you’ve been wondering about the whereabouts of the so-called “12th planet” or Planet X, a.k.a., Nibiru, then you may have to look no farther than December 2015. The most recent evidence points to the arrival of Nibiru in late 2015. While some are saying that this will occur in December, it is likely that the arrival could occur earlier in September 2015. Remember, Nibiru will make its trip around the sun and this journey will likely take place over a period of three to four months. This could put its arrival as early as September 2015, with its return from around the other side of the sun in December 2015.

Now what does Nibiru have to do with the rise of ISIS and its terrorist activities. Could it be that ISIS is the black horse mentioned in the book of Revelation. Is ISIS some kind of symbol that indicates to us that Nibiru is coming. Remember, the black horse in Revelation symbolizes God’s justice being poured out upon the earth. In times past, God has used enemies of Israel to carry out his judgment. If ISIS could be used in that capacity, we could be looking at the arrival of this bible coming to pass. Now, what is the connection to Nibiru? Well, perhaps this is our sign that Nibiru is going to arrive. The rise of ISIS has occurred suddenly and without warning. Remember that there is a connection between the Egyptian goddess ISIS and the Annunaki. We could be looking at a group that believes it is the harbinger of the return of the Annunaki. Could it be that ISIS believes that it is its job to usher in the apocalypse or the end of the world? Will the arrival of Nibiru confirm its destiny to fulfill bible prophecy? I’ll let you look at all of the evidence and decide. Are you ready? Click Here!

Is It the End of the World as We Know It? September 2015 and Other Doomsday Predictions

It is possible that we are nearing the end of the world! This video shows us three ways in which we may actually accelerating the process of approaching doomsday. While there have been recent claims that the world will be hit by an asteroid in September 2015, there is little to no evidence to substantiate such end of the world predictions. In fact, the signs of the times seem to point us to other more imminent threats.

While an asteroid hitting the earth is not completely out of the question, we do have to consider the fact that there has been no evidence from mainstream science to corroborate such claims. On the other hand, there are plenty of indications from the scientific community that they are weary of what our sun is currently doing and what it may do in the real near future. In fact, as we reported just a day or so ago, scientists have issued a dire warning that we will have only 12 hours to prepare if the sun erupts with a major X-class flare or coronal mass ejection that just happens to be earth bound.

As you can see in the above video, the doomsday clock tells us that the world has nearly reached 12 o’clock midnight, in terms of its proximity to the end. Midnight represents the end of the world, but we currently sit at 11:55 p.m., until something nudges us closer to doomsday.

Aside from the sun, there are three other major possibilities to consider:

1. Technology: The development of artificial intelligence, along with nuclear weapons, makes it very well possible that we will eventually blow ourselves up. Whereas in the past there were only two countries with nuclear weapons, these have all now fallen into the hands of various countries and individuals hell-bent on starting a nuclear apocalypse. It may only be a matter of time.

2. Disease: Microbes may be our worst enemy. The spread of disease through the outbreak of plagues may lead to the death of billions. It has happened once in our history with the bubonic plague and it may happen again as all of our biological weapons and experiments get out of control. One false move with one of these and we could be looking at the total destruction of humankind in a matter or days or weeks!

3. Climate change: Forget what you know about all the political connotations this term has, climate change is real and it is measurable. Whether it’s global warming or global cooling, more extreme weather will be the norm in the future. As this video shows, we are now being slowly but surely poisoned and suffocated by the release of hydrogen sulphide into the atmosphere.

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Scientists Issue Dire End of the World Warning: Solar Storm To Wipe Out Civilization

You only have 12 hours, at best, to prepare for the end of the world! According to scientists, a massive solar storm could wipe out our civilization in just that amount of time. If a major coronal mass ejection or CME takes place on the sun and is ejected towards the earth, we will have only 12 hours to prepare for the end of the world! It seems odd and almost coincidental (it’s not a coincidence) that scientists have issued warnings like these over the past few days. As we have been saying for years now on this website, a kill shot from the sun is coming. Determining when this apocalypse will occur is the most difficult part. We know that it is coming. Remote viewers have seen this event for decades, but now the news seems to be pointing us toward a much closer time frame.

Check out this recent article in the UK’s Express, entitled Forget Asteroids: Solar Storm Could Cause Apocalypse on Earth. Note that scientists are now trying to get our attention and let us know that we should stop worrying about individuals like Reverand Rodriguez who recently claimed that the world is going to be struck by an asteroid in September 2015. No! That’s not what’s going to happen, they say. Look at the sun! That’s where your answer lies!

An equally telling article in that same publication lets us know that we only have a very short period of time to get ready if such an event occurs. The article, Apocalypse Now focuses more on the end result of such a major solar storm. The reality of the matter is that a CME would basically create a massive electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that would destroy communications systems, electrical grids and basically all exposed electronics on the earth. Such an event would throw the world back into the dark ages from a technology standpoint. In societies where these things are at the heart of the economic infrastructure, there will be panic and most likely rioting as resources quickly become scarce. Preparing ahead of time is the only thing that will save you.

Do we have any evidence besides scientific speculation? Well, aside from the fact that we have prominent scientists issuing warnings, let us all consider the extreme weather changes we’ve seen over the last year or two. Sure, maybe these aren’t all that abnormal but there is an indication that the weather will continue to get even more extreme. Even the Inuits living in the Arctic have noted that “The Earth Has Shifted.” In other words, the magnetic poles are no longer where they once were and the earth’s weather patterns are being adversely affected as a result. What does this have to do with the sun? Our entire solar system is one big electromagnet, if you will, so any changes that take place on the sun will affect the geomagnetic field of the earth. It’s all tied together.

The end of the world may not be the end of life as we know it, though. It may be the end of our way of life and billions may die due to the lack of resources and civil unrest that occurs. Having only 12 hours to prepare will send most of the world into a panic. Do you have more than 12 hours to prepare? What steps are you currently taking? Click Here!

When Will the World End? Analyzing the September 2015 End of the World Prediction

Do we know when the world will come to an end? What of the recent claims made by Reverand Efrain Rodriguez that an asteroid will collide with the earth some time in late September 2015? Do these types of claims fulfill bible prophecy and give us an idea of when the world will end? We’ve all heard these type of claims before and we’ve all come away unscathed from such attempts to predict the end of the word, but maybe the signs of the times show us that there is something afoot here that we need to be aware of.

Let’s consider Rodriguez’s claim from the perspective of bible prophecy. In bible prophecy, the apocalypse, or “unveiling” will occur when Jesus returns. This is an event known as the “second coming,” or “parousia” in the original Greek. This idea suggests that Jesus will return at the end of the age to bring judgment upon God’s enemies. Jesus himself notes that there will be signs of the times that are evident just prior to his arrival. In no way, though, does he ever claim that there will be some type of impact from an asteroid, comet or any other type of body from space. In fact, the closest we come to such an idea may be seen in the book of Revelation (not “book of revelations,” as some people call it). In Revelation, we read of “wormwood,” a mountain that is supposedly thrown into the sea, causing the oceans to be poisoned. This is probably the only reference we have in bible prophecy to an actual impact on the earth from a body from space. This seems to occur somewhere in the middle of a great period of time known by many Christians as the Great Tribulation. In the Gospels, Jesus notes that there will, in fact, be many tribulations or signs of the times prior to his arrival. But note also what Jesus says in Matthew 24:6: he indicates that when the prophetic signs occur the “end is not yet.” So, if you take the recent claims made by Rodriguez at face value in light of bible prophecy, you can rest assured that the world will probably not end in September 2015.

Now, that being said, we can also take note of the fact that we are living in a very strange time. Weather modification, climate change and various geopolitical events have all made it clear that we could very well be living in the last days. What of Jade Helm 15? Is the United States planning for an implosion of society? What will happen when other prophecy occurs in the news? How will we respond? Are you sure that you are ready for what comes next? What if you have the opportunity to survive? Are you ready? Click Here!

Where is Nibiru Now? July 2015 CNN Report Reveals All?

For those of you who are still wondering about the whereabouts of Nibiru, then you may have to look no farther than CNN! Is it possible that this mainstream media source has actually provided us with an inside look at the arrival of Nibiru in 2015? According to the video seen here, that is the case. However, we have to be careful in putting too much stock into these types of videos. If you’ll notice, the sound goes in and out in this video and you never get a really good idea of whether or not the CNN report was actually true or just somehow staged for this particular video. Furthermore, some of the other video “evidence” provided here seems less than clear also. It could be that Nibiru is set to arrive sometime later in 2015 or even 2016, but we have no clear evidence as of yet. If Nibiru comes, will you be ready to survive? Click Here!

Fukushima Disaster Worse Than Assumed: Prepare for FEMA Camps Now!

If you thought the fallout (pun intended) over the Fukushima disaster was over, you were wrong. In fact, we are just now beginning to learn of the full impact of the fallout. We’ve heard reports of the radiation reaching the west coast of the United States, but nothing has been scientifically substantiated to the point where any real concern has been warranted. Now, however, we have this video of a drone flyover showing that there are literally millions of tons of radioactive debris being temporarily held due to lack of legitimate storage facilities. This is an even bigger disaster waiting to happen and it will only be a matter of time before there are more effects seen from this radioactive meltdown nightmare. What does this mean for people in the United States and outside of Japan? It means that it’s time to prepare. When the radioactive isotope hits the proverbial fan, the environmental impact will be global in nature. Why do you think that FEMA has been spending so much time getting the hundreds of thousands of body bags ready and setting up various FEMA camps around the country. Resources will become scarce and the zombie apocalypse will be upon us! Get ready now: Click Here!

Build Your Own Homemade Storm Shelter, Safe Room or Survival Bunker

With all of the strange weather anomalies in the world today and all of the other dangers that seem to lurk around the corner, having your own storm shelter or safe room is probably a pretty good idea. Even if you never have to use it, having a survival bunker at your disposal can provide you with some necessary peace of mind. Think about it: if you have just one tornado come ripping through your neighborhood in a five year span and it just happens to hit your house, a storm shelter might be the very thing that saves your life. I personally have an above ground safe room that is certified to withstand F5 force winds, but I’ll admit that it was quite pricey and isn’t ideal for everyone who might be working from a limited budget. What you can do, though, is build your own shelter following the simple plans laid out in the video above or by using some of the suggestions I found over on the Survivalist Blog. Following these suggestions, you can probably put together your own storm shelter or safe room for under $2,000. Remember, you’re going to need building materials, so it will cost you some money, but this is an investment in your own well-being an safety! Some of the common elements I see in these shelters are as follows:

1. Your best bet is to go underground, not because it’s safer, but rather because it will be cheaper! The above ground storm shelters like mine are generally made of materials like solid steel and that is where some of the cost comes in. Furthermore, above ground shelters need to fastened down and also require additional concrete work and possibly need to be transported to your home from the manufacturer (unless you can weld your own unit). All of this costs money! Underground shelters use part of the earth as the safety structure and all you have to be able to do is dig!

2. Underground shelters can be place just about anywhere you can dig, so you’re not limited to putting them on or even in a slab of concrete. They do make storm shelters that you place under your garage floor, but I have seen too many problem with these to recommend them to anyone. Furthermore, they are generally very small and cannot provide you with the versatility of one that you build yourself.

3. You can use your self-made storm shelter as a survival bunker also. Remember that underground shelters, if dug deeply enough, can provide you with a place to store food and other necessary supplies for long-term survival. If the bottom portion of your storm shelter walls are earth, you dig into them to create cubby-holes for storage. They also double as great wine cellars!

4. An underground facility may provide you with safety from more types of disasters than an above-ground safe room. I admit that my safe room, while adequate for someone living in tornado alley, is not adequate for other types of disasters. In the event of some major solar anomaly, for example, being under ground would be ideal for protection.

5. Underground shelters have one major flaw: they can be dangerous in the event of a flash flood. Make sure that you build your shelter somewhere where the danger of flooding is minimal or, preferably, non-existent. If necessary, build your shelter into the side of a hill so that water runoff can occur. Design some type of drainage system to keep the water moving away from your shelter. If you are located in a flat or low area, build up the earth around your shelter so that you have a “mound” that repels the water away from the entrance to the shelter. Have you planned for every major type of disaster? Click Here!

Build Your Own Greenhouse for Survival: Free Step-by-Step Plans

Click Here Now!lod_300x250_whisper_v1

As resources continue to dwindle and as climate change continues to loom on the horizon, you can learn to be more self-sufficient by learning to build your own green house for survival. Whether we’re talking about war, the end times, the arrival of Nibiru or some other major distaster, it is imperative that you be prepared for whatever comes your way. Ultimate survival means surviving under ANY conditions and a green house can go far towards helping you under even some of the most extreme circumstances. You ban build your own small cheap greenhouse by either watching the video above for instructions, or you can check out this relatively simple barn greenhouse and follow the simple and free step-by-step plans provided on the homestead and survival website. The advantages to having a greenhouse are numerous:

1. Cheap food! It is much cheaper to buy seeds and plant them at the beginning of the growing season than it is to go out and buy vegetables at the store each week. Think about never having to buy crappy produce at one of those major supermarket food chains again!

2. Hard to get foods: What if you can’t buy certain foods in your area because they are simply not available or too cost prohibitive? Adjust the climate your greenhouse for the purpose of growing these! The possibilities are endless!

3. Organic! You won’t have to worry about what kind of chemical pesticides your foods come with any more because you will now be in control of what goes into your soil and plants! Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of purchasing potentially harmful GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Eat all natural foods the way Mother Nature intended.

4. Extend the growing season. One advantage of a greenhouse is that it keeps you from having to be at the mercy of the growing season itself. If you want to grow spring and summer plants well into the fall or winter, you can with a little greenhouse know-how.

5. Be prepared for food shortages. Ultimately, no pun intended, your survival may depend upon your ability to grow and store your own food. So be sure to have a definite survival plan in place. No idea where to start? Click Here!