Nibiru is Now Visible in Australia: Red Alert!

Have you started top make preparations for the arrival of Nibiru yet? Have I not been warning you to so for about five years now? Did you mock me? Did you scoff and ridicule me for saying that Planet X or Nibiru might be just around the corner, lurking on the edge of the solar system? Where is Nibiru now, you ask? Why can I not see it? Where is the evidence that Nibiru even exists?

You see, part of the problem for many non-believers is that their belief in the non-existence of Nibiru or Planet X is directly tied to their own western skepticism that requires empirical evidence. While that is certainly commendable, it should be noted that not all skepticism is necessarily healthy. Also, we often show how narrow-minded we are when we forget that the heavenly bodies have their own time frame and operate within the scope of cosmic time, not earth time. We want to see everything RIGHT NOW! We wand, nay, we demand proof of such outlandish claims, even when the truth is actually staring us straight in the face.

Soon it will be too late to speculate about where Nibiru or Planet X is. We will soon feel the effects of the planet’s arrival into our gravitational field. At that point, things on the earth will change drastically and we will no longer be able to do anything but carry out our preparation plans. Have you made yours? Click Here!

If you watch the above video you will someone who believes they have captured Nibiru through their telescope by looking just askew of the sun. If you think about it, this actually makes sense in that our inability to see Nibiru or Planet X may be due, in fact, to its proximity to the sun. The sun’s rays block our naked-eye vision of Nibiru, but we are able to see it using certain filters on our telescopes and cameras. This video was captured in February 2016 in New South Wales, Australia. Are you ready? Do you see how large it is? Do you see how close it’s getting? Click Here!

February 2016 Update: Where is Nibiru Right Now?


The arrival of Nibiru appears to be just around the corner. Everyone is asking the question: Where is Nibiru right now? And, now, we finally have the answer! According to researcher Gil Broussard, most claims and sightings of Nibiru in the past have been nothing but fakes or misinterpreted information. Broussard claims that Nibiru will finally arrive in March of 2016. With that only being a month away, we thought we’d take the claim at face value initially to see if it has any merit. As you can see in the above image, SOMETHING has been spotted in the solar system by our space satellites. But what is it? In the far right corner, the image shows what could possible be a planetary body entering our airspace. It also appears that the planetary body may be accompanied by multiple moons.

Whether or not the date of Nibiru’s arrival is accurate remains to be seen. However, let us consider where Nibiru is now if Broussard’s theory is actually true. Nibiru will enter the inner solar system and cross the plane of earth’s orbit on Saturday March 26, 2016. This day corresponds with the advent of the Jewish Passover. It will then pass through the inner solar system for 76 days before making its way back out! It is during this time that the earth will likely pass through Nibiru’s debris field. This is where the most danger will occur. You must be ready for the catastrophes that are coming. Click Here!

How to Survive Economic Collapse

Economic collapse may be just around the corner. Individuals like Thom Hartman have been predicting, for years, that economic collapse will come soon. In fact, some think that it will either happen this year or that we are already in the midst of a major economic decline. When the poop hits the proverbial fan, what will you do? If you want to know how to survive an economic collapse, read on!

To survive economic collapse, you must learn to be self-sufficient in just about every way possible. It will be necessary, however, to rely on the help and resources of others in certain situations. Self-sufficiency doesn’t mean complete isolation. Still, you need to be ready to do it all on your own because you never know who will be there to support you or who may actually turn out to be your enemy, rather than your friend. Here are some important tips to survive an economic collapse:

1. Make geographic considerations about where you live. In other words, take inventory of the resources available in your immediate area. Do you live near a fresh water source? If no food is available in the local stores, is there somewhere nearby that you can hunt or fish for food? Do you live in a primarily rural or urban area? You should avoid the city at all costs in the midst of major economic collapse. If you want to survive an economic collapse, you cannot live somewhere where there might be more people than there are resources. The possibility of both riots and rampant crime should deter you from living in an urban area. If you are here because you are concerned about a coming economic collapse, then you should definitely start thinking about where you live now versus where you should be living by then. Where you live should be both rural ad conducive to agricultural life. You’ll need adequate rainfall and access to wild game for food.

2. Establish an emergency economic fund. You can have some money in the bank, but you may also want to consider keeping a decent sized cash reserve on hand as well. If the banks collapse, you might not be able to get to your money so be sure to keep some in a safe and hidden place in your home. It is a good idea to have enough money to survive and pay your bills for at least six months. If you don’t have an emergency fund in place, consider starting one now before it’s too late! You might also consider keeping a portion of that fund in the form of silver and gold coins. In the event that the dollar crashes, you need to have precious metals on hand for barter or trade.

3. Store some food. You don’t have to be a doomsday prepper and have massive storage units full of food to survive the economic collapse. You also don’t have to go out and buy everything all at once. Start stocking up on your food stores today by simply adding a few extra items to your grocery cart every time you go to the store. Buy foods that have a long shelf life and that can be used in multiple dishes. Purchase some plastic storage bins and some one gallon freezer bags. Fill the bags with non-perishable items that can last for months or years, such as dry beans. Fill your freezer with ground beef, chicken or any other affordable meat and keep it for an emergency. Ration this off in an extended economic crisis. If you can afford to do so, keep a few canisters of protein powder on hand as well in order to help you sustain your protein intake during a food crisis.

4. Keep ammunition on hand make sure that you practice regularly. Having a rifle for hunting and possibly for protection may be essential to your survival. Not only will you need it to hunt, you may also need it to defend your resources, if things go from bad to worse. Also, make sure you have a fishing pole and bait in the event you run out of ammo or game to hunt. Practicing self-defense (aside from weapons training) may be necessary as well. Train like a professional fighter to make sure that you are in the best shape possible.

5. Establish a plan to work with your neighbors. Sometimes it’s best to realize that you can’t do everything yourself. If you truly want to survive an economic collapse, you may need to be able to rely on neighbors and friends. Talk to them about it ahead of time and put together a plan of who will do and provide what during an economic depression. Of course, keep your mouth shut when it comes to everyone else. You don’t want to attract unwanted visitors to your home that might want to get access to your resources.

6. Get out of debt as quickly as possible. Try to do this BEFORE the economic collapse if you can. The less you owe, the less you are tied to the system. What you need, more than anything else, is to be independent of the system.

7. Have a definite plan in place. Sometimes you need the help of professional planning. This family survival plan established by an ex-marine if one of the best I’ve seen: Click Here!

8. Prepare for additional catastrophes. If the economy goes sour, there is a chance that those who consider themselves enemies of the western world will take advantage of the situation and possibly engage in some type of terrorist activity. If an electromagnetic pulse or EMP takes down the grid, will you be ready? Click Here to assess your readiness.

January 2016 Nibiru Breaking News: NASA Confirms Existence of Planet X at Edge of Solar System

I have intentionally laid off of all of the Planet X and Nibiru talk for quite some time now, but that was mainly due to the fact that there had been no breaking news regarding the subject for quite some time. Now, out of the blue, NASA releases a statement confirming that they now have evidence of a Nepture-sized planet lurking on the edges of the solar system. The evidence for this planet, that they are conspicuously calling “Planet X,” is the same evidence that was used to determining its existence back in the 1980s. There is obvious gravitational pull taking place between this planet and the outer planets, Neptune and Uranus. Now NASA is confirming that this is brown dwarf “planet” which means that is essentially a dead sun, making its traverse through the solar system. Apparently it lays out near the Kuyper Belt which, as we’ve said all along, is where Nibiru would be located. No information is being given as to the planet’s orbit or how close it will pass to the earth. I would venture to say that this new “discovery” is meant to introduce the idea to the public without causing hysteria. More information regarding its orbit will not be revealed until later, if at all. How much time do we have to get ready? It is unclear. Get ready now! Click Here!

Family Survival Course Review

With all of the news of economic collapse on the horizon, it is important for individuals and families to finally start taking survival skills a little more seriously. While this may not be a doomsday scenario that we need to prepare for, an economic depression could result in social chaos. In such a scenario, those with the best survival skills are the ones who survive. I’ve been advocating the development of survival skills on this site for years, but I’ve never really provided you with a full-scale review of any survival courses that you could put to good use, until now.

The best course that I’ve found so far is the Family Survival Course authored by James Richards, a former marine with over 20 years of experience in dealing with disaster survival. Now take it from me, you don’t have to be a whack job or a paranoid conspiracy theorist to recognize the importance and usefulness of this course. In fact, all you really need is a little common sense. Did you see that oil prices fell to $27 per barrel this week? Do you not know that this is a leading indicator of what the U.S. and world economies are getting ready to do? Stock prices will soon follow as will other economic sectors. What do you do when the food and other resources start to run out? You survive!

Richards’ Family Survival course is chock full of really good information about food, self-defense and safety. Richards takes you step by step through the entire process of getting prepared for most life-threatening situations. The manual itself is 279 pages long and can be downloaded straight to your computer. As a pdf file, you can even download it to your phone so that you have mobile access to your preparedness plans. Among the topics covered by Richards, the section on which foods to buy is probably the most helpful. You don’t need to buy a bunch of those survival meal packages that a prohibitively expensive. In fact, you don’t even have to order any foods over the Internet. According to Richards, there are plenty of perfectly good foods you can stock up on in your local supermarket. He walks you through the process of finding the right ones.

Self-defense and first-aid are also prominent topics covered by the Family Survival course. There are many things that you can do get yourself ready to protect your family and your resources. Want to know what they are? Richards will show you! He shows you exactly what to include in your first aid kit and exactly how to prepare for potential self-defense scenarios. It is easier than you think, but you do need the know-how.

One of the most important aspects of the Family Survival course is that, if followed, it teaches you how to be self-reliant in nearly every area of your life. Even if there is no major disaster or economic collapse, you can learn to live off the grid. You no longer need to be subject to the efforts and resources of others. Taking survival into your own hands means that you can truly be free and independent.

What do you have to lose by downloading the Family Survival Course? Nothing! Richards puts his money where his mouth is and provides you with a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like what you get when you download his manual, you can get your money back with no questions asked. But I would venture to say that you won’t need to do that because this survival course is so full of good information that you’ll want it at your fingertips at all times.

Now that being said, there is one criticism of Richards’ Family Survival Course that might be mentioned here and that is this: this is a course geared toward the beginning survivalist. If you are already pretty far along in your preparation plans, you might not find any new information here. In other words, there’s not any revolutionary ground-breaking material here that the advanced survivalist will find compelling. Even so, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate prepper, you will find various tidbits that you can take and implement in your survival plans. To download the Family Survival Course, Click Here!

The Coming ISIS Attack on America: Are You Ready?

With the recent attack on Paris by ISIS operatives, it is now absolutely necessary for Americans to start taking note of what is going on right here inside the borders of the United States. We know that an attack is coming soon; it is just a matter of determining when it will come and being ready for it. If we’re ready for what is coming, it will not catch us off guard when it happens. And, it will happen! We already know the plans are in place and that the elites are working overtime to pull this off. Without a real attack on America by ISIS, the elites won’t be able to establish a world police state. But once this does occur, the people will willingly give up their freedoms for safety.

Alex Jones lays out the plans for the coming ISIS attack on America in this video. He believes that there will be a coordinated missile attack on the major airlines, but that seems to be a little too sophisticated for ISIS operatives, if you ask me. It seems to make more sense that they would plan coordinated attacks on American cities by using dirty nukes or some type of biological agent to disable those cities and send the entire public into a frenzy. Jones believes that they will be ALLOWED TO ATTACK America so that we will willingly go to war with whoever gets blamed for the attacks. Jones believes it will be Assad that will get the blame. Of course, the gist of his argument here is that all of this is set up by the CIA and the elites behind the scenes controlling world events. Regardless of where you believe that the orders are coming from, you need to have a plan and you need to be ready for the attacks and the coming police state. Click Here!

WWIII Alert! China Joins Russia in Attacks in Syria: Is the End of Days Upon Us?

The world may now be on the verge of a world wide war outbreak. This could possibly be the start of World War 3 and may, in fact, be the beginning of Armageddon. Biblical prophecies of the end times immediately come to mind when one hears about what is now going on in the Middle East. Russia’s recent attacks on the Islamic State (ISIS) have now put the United States in the position of second fiddle on the world stage. Now, in the last week, China has also joined Russia in these attacks making this a joint military effort in the war on ISIS. The position of the United States is now tenuous at best because the world’s two other major military powers have decided to flex their muscles rather than sit idly by as the United States has done under the Obama administration. Apparently Obama and Putin do not agree on what should take place in Syria. All of the Intel intel seems to point to the fact that Obama has been arming ISIS rebels in Syria in an attempt to overthrow the Assad government. Putin, on the other hand, has chosen the lesser of two evils, preferring to prop up the Assad government instead of allowing an unknown and unstable element to establish itself in the Middle East.

Now, one only needs to know a little about bible prophecy to know that many will see this as the first move towards Armageddon, the final battle in the end of days that will bring about the return of Jesus and the great and terrible Day of the Lord. Some believe that Russia is referred to in the bible as “Gog,” a power from the north that will eventually find itself in the middle east, joining the Islamic powers in an attack on Israel. China, on the other hand, represents the “kings of the east” that eventually join Gog in this attack. The move in Syria is only the catalyst that will bring these two major powers into the middle east. At some point in the near future, this will allow these powers to focus on Israel. As for the United States, it may be that America will fade from the scene or possible join Israel in fighting the rest of the world, but it is clear that the U.S. is beginning to fade from its position as the world’s preeminent super power. Are you ready to survive the end of days? Click Here!

David Icke’s Predictions: Was He Right?

If you know anything about David Icke, then you know that many of the predictions and statements he has made seem pretty far out there. After all, he’s the one who has said all along that there are alien beings among us known as reptilians. These reptilians are in our highest levels of government and are shapeshifters who can very easily pass as human beings. As such, these aliens have an agenda and it is sinister in nature, to say the least. It is this line of research that has led Icke to make his predictions about what is taking place in the geopolitical arena. Some of this information has come from conclusions he’s made based on what he knows about these figures, while the rest comes from other sources, such as the psychic you see featured in this video. Let’s look at a few of these and see if, in fact, David Icke was right:

1. Increase in intensity and frequency of tropical storms and extreme weather after the turn of the millennium. Icke was clearly right on this one, but it should be noted that he’s not the only one that made such claims. The likes of Art Bell and others in the “paranormal” research community all sensed that great changes were afoot. Even Christian predictions and prophecies regarding the “end of days” or the “end of time” seemed to suggest that intense weather would be just one more sign of the times. So, while Icke was correct, it’s not as if he led the pack on bringing this information forward. Icke does, however, see this change in weather as part of the attempt by those in power to control and suppress the existing population.

2. The powers that be will pass on power through generational bloodlines and then attempt to start a third world war with the Muslim world. Here, Icke was clearly correct in predicting the rise of George W. Bush to power, following on the footsteps of his father, George H.W. Bush or George Bush, Sr. Icke realized that his ascension to power as the President of the United States would then signal the start of an ongoing conflict with Muslims in the Middle East, but this conflict would be engineered by Bush and started with the purpose of eventually touching off a third world war. September 11, 2001, signaled the beginning of this attempt, but the actual world war with the Middle East never actually came to full fruition. At best, we can that the conflict is still ongoing and may perhaps erupt into a world war, but only now with Russia getting involved to stop ISIS and get in the way of the Obama administration.

3. There would be a major attack on a U.S. city between 2000 and 2002. We all know by now that September 11, 2001 clearly is what was predicted here. Keep in mind that Icke made most of his predictions around 1990!

4. World government will be the end result of all of this chaos. Although this prediction has not fully come to pass, we do see the seeds of globalism in today’s events. With the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and both China and Russia opposing the United States, the need for a world government is becoming ever more apparent. Perhaps we will see this one come to pass in 2016! Whatever the case may be, we need to be ready! See what the world powers are planning next: Click Here! If you want to learn what to do to survive the end, Click Here!

Warning: Military Buildup for World War 3 Has Begun In the United States! MUST READ!

Jade Helm 15 is officially over, but that doesn’t mean that we should all breathe easy that there was no institution of martial law or some other crazy outcome associated with the military exercise. In fact, we should all be concerned that the exercise came and went with the small amount of controversy that it did. Now that it has passed, we could actually see the full results of the exercise due to the increased buildup of military equipment and soldiers right here on American soil. Some are now predicting the beginning of World War 3 and see Jade Helm 15 as a pretense to bring it about. Is there truth to such accusations? Do these World War 3 predictions have any validity? Is there some type of connection between the outbreak of World War III and end times prophecy? Are the end times upon us?

If you watch the above video, you’ll see that there have been instances where people have caught the military buildup on video. These videos have now been loaded to Youtube but they may not remain there long, especially if there is some type of sinister agenda afoot. We have to be careful in just assuming that any of our preconceived notions about the end times have anything to do with any World War 3 news that we report. That being said, there are plenty of people out there who believe that the outbreak of a third world war will, in fact, bring about the fulfillment of end times prophecy.

Nostradamus predicted that there would be one last great war during the end times. Now, Nostradamus was not a biblical prophet, but there are plenty who have read his quatrains and interpreted them as if they were inspired by God. Perhaps that’s because Nostradamus predicted a number of things which seem to correspond with prophecies in the bible. For instance, during the third world war, we can probably expect to see some type of nuclear confrontation. Now, where that occurs and who uses the nukes is a matter of speculation, but we can probably narrow that down to just a few probabilities due to the fact that only a few nations have such technological capabilities. It is unlikely that the United States will use nuclear weapons to strike any nation. That would only happen in the event of the need to retaliate against a great external threat. Chances are that some rogue nation like North Korea or Iran will want to test the limits of U.S. power and use a nuclear device either in retaliation against the U.S. or to start World War 3 itself. In any case, both the end times prophecies of the bible and Nostradamus point to this as more than just a possibility. Even remote viewers like Ed Dames have predicted that such an event will occur just prior to another end times event known as the “kill shot” from the sun. In any case, nuclear conflict is likely; it is just a matter of time. Click Here!

What of the buildup in the United States though? What is going on here? Remember that Jade Helm 15 was supposed to be a military exercise with no real consequence to the people living here. However, there is startling evidence pointing to the fact that this may have just been a cover story to get the military here to prepare for what is coming next. John Kerry recently indicated that the United States will be taking in a large number of refugees, some of which will likely be ISIS members who will be setting up cells here in the U.S. Once the pieces are in place, who will stop them from carrying out a coordinated attack? Are you ready? Click Here!

It is clear that the United States government has reached a degree of ineptitude that is clear to the other nations of the world. In this video, Gerald Celente notes how the United States has engaged in military failure after failure in the Middle East. In his estimation, we are already on the verge of World War 3. He’s not making any specific WWIII predictions, but rather noting the trends that are taking place in the world. In his estimation, we are on the verge of the first great war of the 21st century, World War 3.

What probably needs to be noted most when it comes to the potential outbreak of a third world war is the precarious economic situation that the world is currently in. The United States stands on the verge of economic collapse and those that are behind the scenes, pulling the strings, are the bankers and other wealthy financiers who control the world’s economy. These are the “Illuminati” who wish to control the world’s future and will likely use world war 3 as a means of furthering their own wealth and control over the rest of the general population. It will also provide them with the means to exterminate a great deal of that population. If you think that you’re immune to all that is going on in the world right now, think again. A global panic will ensue once the world’s economy collapses. It is at that point that we can expect to see the emergence of a world leader like the “anti-Christ” who will make promises as he fixes the world’s economy. You have to be ready! Click Here!

The Coming ISIS Attack on America: Are You Ready?

It is no secret these days that the United States of America is under attack, but that attack is not obvious and it is not coming in the form of any conventional military strike. Since 9/11, America has been at war with “terrorism,” but that war is one that was created by the U.S. government itself and one that has been perpetuated by it ever since. In fact, many would say that the ongoing war on terror was created for covert purposes. Why else would the American government go to such great lengths to create and finance various operations in the Middle East that could have long since ceased? The answer will both surprise and shock you.

The truth of the matter is that something sinister is coming this way and there is little that we can do to stop it. In fact, we can prepare but our preparations will probably not stop what is coming. Nonetheless, we have a duty to ourselves and our children to remain diligent and prepare to do what we can to survive and emerge victorious. With the emergence of the ISIS terror state in the middle east, it is now time that we begin making those preparations every day. What is the main purpose of ISIS? Remember, that ISIS was first created by the U.S. government to help in the ongoing war in the middle east, but now ISIS is no longer under U.S. control. It has now become an anti-American terror organization hell-bent on driving the U.S. out of the middle east altogether. How will it do that? Obviously, conventional warfare against the U.S. is futile, so there must be another 9/11 type of attack on U.S. soil. In fact, U.S. officials, like Senator Lindsey Graham, have been warning of a future coming attack for quite some time. Why? Well, Graham and the other Illuminati scum in the government have been planning it as such and know exactly what is going on. It is typically an Illuminati practice to let you know what is going to happen before they pull the trigger on any large-scale operation. They do this out of both arrogance and remorse. On the one hand, they do it because they can, but they also do it to relieve their own consciences by basically telling themselves: “Hey, we warned them this would happen.”

The fact of the matter is that ISIS is growing at an alarming rate and an attack on U.S. soil is both inevitable and imminent. It is just a matter of time before we see another 9/11 type of event. The shootings that took place in Chattanooga are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, a much more organized and comprehensive attack is coming. It will likely start with an attack on our technology and then grow to something far more sinister from there. Check out this video on the next page to see what we mean here: Click Here!