Virus Hitting U.S. May Be Sign of Impending Apocalypse!

Let’s forget about Nibiru and Planet X for just a minute. Why? Because the threat we face may be even closer than we could have ever possibly imagined. In fact, it may already be here. The planet is undergoing significant change and human beings are in grave danger. As this video shows, a major respiratory virus outbreak has already taken place across the United States in twelve different states. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is locked in an ongoing struggle to locate and treat individuals who have contracted this enterovirus. The virus itself is not new. The EV-D68 virus, as it is officially known, causes intense cold-like symptoms. Although not new, the virus appears to be of more concern lately because of the increase in hospitalizations due to its contraction.

What’s the connection to an impending apocalypse? Well, for some time now we have been reporting the arrival of Nibiru and Planet X as the harbinger event that will eventually bring about the killshot from the sun predicted by Major Ed Dames through remote viewing. Dames has also been on the record noting the outbreak of these types of viruses as time markers to let us know how close we actually are to the killshot event itself. On his Facebook page, Dames claimed that this outbreak was only the beginning of a much larger sequence of events. Although Dames hasn’t been spot-on with his predictions, things do appear to be lining up for what he predicted years ago. Notably, in addition to the viral outbreaks, Dames predicted that North Korea would detonate an atomic bomb against South Korea. Events in Korea seem to moving in the direction that such could occur in the not so distant future. In fact, North Korea has gone on record indicating its willingness to drop a bomb on the southern portion of the peninsula. We need to be aware that end times events are taking place all around us. Preparing now is best chance we have to survive. This is why I haven’t posted for several weeks. I have taken time out to prep for what is coming. Now that I am in a better position to survive, I should be posting at least a couple of times per week again. If you want to survive what is coming, don’t delay! Click Here!

July 17, 2014 Breaking News: World War 3 Begins in Middle East as Israel Invades Gaza Strip

Events taking place in the Middle East are now escalating so that the entire world will soon be embroiled in an all-out conflict known as Armageddon. The ongoing battle between Israel and Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip has now become a war. On July 17, 2014, Israel began a ground offensive in Gaza following the rejection of a proposed truce by Israel to the Hamas government. Israeli rockets had been fired into the Gaza Strip for ten days prior to the Israeli ground offensive. Thousands of Israeli troops poured into Gaza on Friday after the orders had been given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel intends to escalate the attack on Hamas by seeking out its rocket-firing capabilities and the tunnels used to infiltrate Israel.

Although the media may be portraying this as an isolated event, it is actually only the beginning of what will ultimately become the Battle of Armageddon. Expect the escalation by Israel to be only the first domino in a series of events that will pull the other nations of the world into the Middle East conflict. The ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine also factors into this conflict as Russia needs the Ukraine for both economic and military reasons, some of which relate directly to what is going on in the Middle East right now. The downing of a Malaysian airliner earlier today also shows the lengths the Russians are willing to go to escalate the Ukrainian crisis. If Russia has an excuse to invade the Ukraine while war is breaking out in Israel, it will put Putin closer to his goal of creating an Empire in Eastern Europe and Asia. Look for both of these events to eventually connect Russia to what is going on in Israel. Things will then go from bad to worse. Are you ready? Click Here!

Massive Crater Discovered at “World’s End” in Siberia! Where Did it Come From?

Weird things keep happening all over planet earth and the recent discovery of a giant crater in Siberia is further indication of this fact. At a place in Siberia known as the “world’s end” a massive crater was discovered via helicopter flyover earlier this week. The origins of the crater are still unknown as is its exact size. Estimates indicate that as many as eight helicopters could easily fly into and hover the massive hole. Speculation has begun regarding the origins of the crater. Some believe that it may be the result of a massive UFO crash, while others simply posit the arrival of a large meteorite. Further research will be done to determine the reason for the hole’s existence. Needless to say, this opening occurs at a time when other reports of meteorite and fireball activity is on the rise. Could we be seeing further evidence of the arrival of Nibiru in 2014? What of the ongoing weather anomalies? Are we in the middle of an ongoing pole shift? Are you ready?

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Yellowstone Super Volcano Set to Erupt Following Solar Flares?

At some point in the near future we are going to have a reckoning. This reckoning will occur when we realize the frailty of our lives and the life on planet earth in general. We are now in danger of reaching that critical juncture as the Yellowstone super volcano appears to be potentially active again. Following the recent June 2014 x-flares shot off by the sun, we have seen an increase in earthquake activity and storms resulting from the glancing blow brought on by these flares. Mainstream researchers tend to ignore this interrelationship between the sun and the earth’s magnetic field. In this video, Mary Greely speculates about the future of the Yellowstone caldera. Although we don’t really know if Yellowstone is getting ready to blow or not, we have to be ready for this type of event or even one of lesser severity. Get ready now for any type of disaster, not just this one. Greely makes this the main point of her video even though the title seems to indicate knowledge of a coming eruption at Yellowstone. In any case, you should be prepared. The government is currently taking its own steps to prepare for a major extinction level event? Do you really think that they will come to help you when it is time? Click Here!

Illuminati Plans for 2014 Exosed!

Is the Illuminati planning the destruction of America in 2014? Have the leaders of this secret society created the opportunity to bring this about by their manipulation of history? The plot may thicken this year in 2014 as we move towards the establishment of a New World Order. I found the above video uploaded by multiple Youtube users, so I had a closer look at it to see if there was anything substantial to note for the upcoming year. As with the predictions of individuals like David Icke, the person that created this video sees a sinister plot to destroy the American economy and replace the dollar with another world currency. The recent establishment of the Bitcoin may allow that to finally take place. It was once believed that the Euro was established for this purpose, but when this plan never materialized, some began to doubt the plot to establish a new world currency. Now the bitcoin may provide the occasion to do so. Also, events in the middle east seem to be moving in such a way that some type of peace will be established. This imposed order is something that some feel is a precursor to the return of Christ and the establishment of a worldwide kingdom ruled by the Antichrist. This may now be possible with the establishment of the RFID chip or tattoo that can be used for and disguised as authentication technology. Couple all of these things with the continued push for gun control, establishment of a domestic military police force and the continued building of massive underground survival structures and you have the Illuminati’s blueprint for 2014! You must be ready to survive on your own! Don’t let the evil that is overtaking this world overtake you as well: Click Here!

Double X-Class Solar Flares May Strike Earth! Killshot Coming!

If you’ve been wondering about the sun and what it has been doing lately, the answer is that it hasn’t been doing much. That is, it hasn’t been doing anything until this week! Now, in the last couple of days, the sun has released a double x-class flare that seems to be heading in the direction of the earth. The effects of these particular flares is expected to be minimal, although the Huffington Post is reporting that there may be a “shockwave” that could disrupt communications starting sometime around Friday the 13th. However, Major Ed Dames, who predicted the eventual coming “killshot” from the sun has been active on Facebook. He believes that this series of flares may be just the beginning of what we will see. The time to prepare is now! Click Here!

The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories? The Planet X/9-11 Inside Job Connection

Why is it that we often cling to conspiracy theories like the idea that 9-11 was an inside job? Maybe it has to do something with the fact that we have an innate knowledge that we are being lied to. It is also possible that many of the conspiracy theories we hear and read about are nothing more than cover stories for something bigger that is taking place. In fact, the truth will actually scare the shit out of you! What is taking place is far more sinister and deadly than we can ever understand, until it is upon us.

In these two videos, Alex Jones interviews investigator Bob Fletcher who makes the case that Planet X is not only real but also a very real threat in the near future. According to Fletcher, 9-11 and other related events are likely the result of the governments of the world attempting to institute martial law prior to the arrival of Nibiru/Planet X. Fletcher indicates that the underground tunnels and bunkers being built all throughout the United States, Russia and other nations are there to help preserve the life of the elites who are preparing for this event. Are you ready for what is coming? Click Here!

Surviving Planet X: Deep Impact–What You Should Know

We are by no means in the clear regarding Planet X and its potential impact on Planet Earth. The evidence that we are not alone in our solar system is starting to once again mount. Pictures and videos are starting to pop up all over Facebook and Youtube again, showing evidence that there is another planetary body nearing our sun. Even if we’re wrong about this and there is no additional planet, we cannot deny the fact that the number of earth-bound fireballs has increased substantially over the last year or so. These are part of the Planet X/Nibiru debris field. The entire earth has become ground zero and we simply cannot know when or where these will hit. In this video, my friend and Planet X proponent, Marshall Masters, explains why is statistically likely that those living on the coast will not survive the arrival of Planet X. It resembles the scenario seen in the movie Deep Impact, as you will see in watching this video. If you want to survive, Click Here!

The Four Blood Moons Prophecy: Will The End Times Tribulation Begin in 2014?

Jesus indicated that there would be signs in the sun and the moon in the end of days when that great and terrible day of the Lord would arrive. Jesus doesn’t give us any specifics to go by, but he does seem to allude to the fact that these signs will be indicators to us that the time is at hand. In 2014 and 2015, there will be a series of total lunar eclipses, referred to by some as the blood moons. Four of these eclipses will occur and they will occur on some of the most significant Israeli/Hebrew holy days. In this video, the idea of the blood moons is introduced in this manner, showing how the eclipses typically align with significant holidays and are usually followed by a significant historical or spiritual event. The speaker in this video speculates that these blood moons may be signals of the coming tribulation period that will precede the Day of the Lord. I doubt that there will be any seven year tribulation period that the world will see prior to the return of Jesus. The bible doesn’t actually lay out a road map for the end times, but it does give us indications of what to look for. The four blood moons prophecy may only be an indicator of a general period of great travail. We shall see. We could be looking at World War III or something else along these lines as the Middle East continues to be a hotbed of controversy on the world scene. In any case, we are better off if we prepare, because we can never know the actual end result: Click Here!

May 1, 2014 Nibiru Update: Yellowstone and Mammoth Mountain On Red Alert!

Evidence that our earth is being affected by an object in the solar system, like Nibiru, may now be seen if one examines the seismic activity in Yellowstone Park and in Mammoth Lakes, California, the site of the famous Mammoth Mountain lava dome complex. The amount of activity taking place in these two locations over the last week or so is startling. What is worse is the fact that some of the Yellowstone seismographs have gone offline, so we don’t even really know how bad things are or could get. If Yellowstone blows, the entire United States could go with it! Are you ready for the next major event? Click Here!