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August 29, 2016 Nibiru Update: Nibiru Seen in Eastern Sky!
It seems like we have plenty of these Nibiru sightings lately and this latest one is no exception in terms of how controversial it might be. There have [...]
Red Alert: Two Major Hurricanes to Hit U.S. East Coast in Five Days!
Most of the latest Nibiru breaking news updates in 2016 involve attempts to locate the interstellar space body traveling through our solar system. However, [...]
Catastrophic Events Coming as Nibiru Approaches, August 2016
The orbital deviations of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all prove that there is an additional planet or large space object in the outer [...]
Breaking 2016 Nibiru News: Anonymous Exposes Planet X Cover Up!
Clearly we have been lied to regarding the arrival of Planet X or Nibiru. Some of the latest evidence coming forward seems to indicate that we could be [...]
Best Evidence to Date of Approaching Nibiru/Planet X System?
I’ll keep this post fairly short because I prefer to let the video speak for itself. What we seem to have here is some of the best evidence, to date, [...]
Get Free Survival Gear for Surviving Any Situation!
We all have that fear of the unknown, not knowing what will happen to us on any given day. We can all just as easily overcome that fear by being prepared. [...]
Fox Breaking News: Anonymous Exposes Donald Trump in 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
It appears as if the covert group, “Anonymous,” is back at it again, posting messages regarding the state of affairs in America and what will [...]
Government Preparation for Planet X/Nibiru: Special Forces Soldier Confirms Arrival of Nibiru or Planet X
Government preparations for the arrival of Planet X or Nibiru have been going on since 1979. According to radio show host, John Moore, various operatives [...]
August 1 2016 Nibiru Sighting! Is This the End of Days?
It has been a while since there has been a convincing Nibiru sighting to report. Most of the videos that we see are usually speculative at best. Sometimes [...]
2016 Nibiru Breaking News: Vatican Confirms Arrival of Planet X/Nibiru as “Secret Omega”
When the Third Secret Fatima revealed that there was not really much of a third secret at all, it was clear that we were being lied to. We have been told [...]