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Living the Surival Life: How to Survive the End of Days Using the Optic Fire Starter
Survival is a basic human instinct. Some of us live the survival life with careful planning and preparation, while others simply go through the motions [...]
Will the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Be Suspended to Usher in the Reign of the Antichrist?
For a long time now, we’ve been getting pieces of the puzzle as to what is coming in the near future. Aside from the typical questions regarding the [...]
The Barack Obama Antichrist Conspiracy: How to Survive the End of Days and the Coming New World Order
If you are one of those people who want to know “who is the antichrist,” then you may want to take a look at this video I found from 2014. [...]
Is Pope Francis the False Prophet of Revelation 13?: Revelation 13 Explained
The Book of Revelation is a difficult one for many Christians and non-Christians alike. Understanding Revelation (not “The Book of [...]
Who is the Woman in Revelation Chapter 12 and How Does She Relate to Nibiru?
The book of Revelation is one of those mysterious books in the Bible that contains a number of prophetic scenarios that many of us have been fascinated [...]
The Nibiru Hoax or Cover Up? It’s Not What You Think!
If you read the latest Nibiru breaking news headlines or try to decipher the latest Nibiru/Planet X video on Youtube to figure out where Nibiru is right [...]
How to Prepare for the Solar Storms That Will Bring About the End of Days
The end of days is upon us and it is just a matter of time before the major catastrophic events of the end times come to pass. We are entering into a [...]
Latest Nibiru Breaking News: SLOOH Astronomer Reveals Existence of Nibiru
While there have been a number of false reports about an astrophysicist by the name of Dr. Ronald Shimschuck circulating the Internet, all that buzz may [...]
Did Dr. Ronald Shimschuck Really “Blow the Whistle” on Nibiru?
The Internet has been abuzz lately with the latest Nibiru news headlines stating that Dr. Ronald Schimschuck has come forward to indicate that the arrival [...]
How to Surive the End of Days: Water Purification
If you want to survive the end of days, you need water. In my last post, I talked about water storage. All that water storage does you no good if you [...]