Where is Nibiru Now? July 2015 CNN Report Reveals All?

For those of you who are still wondering about the whereabouts of Nibiru, then you may have to look no farther than CNN! Is it possible that this mainstream media source has actually provided us with an inside look at the arrival of Nibiru in 2015? According to the video seen here, that is the case. However, we have to be careful in putting too much stock into these types of videos. If you’ll notice, the sound goes in and out in this video and you never get a really good idea of whether or not the CNN report was actually true or just somehow staged for this particular video. Furthermore, some of the other video “evidence” provided here seems less than clear also. It could be that Nibiru is set to arrive sometime later in 2015 or even 2016, but we have no clear evidence as of yet. If Nibiru comes, will you be ready to survive? Click Here!

Fukushima Disaster Worse Than Assumed: Prepare for FEMA Camps Now!

If you thought the fallout (pun intended) over the Fukushima disaster was over, you were wrong. In fact, we are just now beginning to learn of the full impact of the fallout. We’ve heard reports of the radiation reaching the west coast of the United States, but nothing has been scientifically substantiated to the point where any real concern has been warranted. Now, however, we have this video of a drone flyover showing that there are literally millions of tons of radioactive debris being temporarily held due to lack of legitimate storage facilities. This is an even bigger disaster waiting to happen and it will only be a matter of time before there are more effects seen from this radioactive meltdown nightmare. What does this mean for people in the United States and outside of Japan? It means that it’s time to prepare. When the radioactive isotope hits the proverbial fan, the environmental impact will be global in nature. Why do you think that FEMA has been spending so much time getting the hundreds of thousands of body bags ready and setting up various FEMA camps around the country. Resources will become scarce and the zombie apocalypse will be upon us! Get ready now: Click Here!

Build Your Own Homemade Storm Shelter, Safe Room or Survival Bunker

With all of the strange weather anomalies in the world today and all of the other dangers that seem to lurk around the corner, having your own storm shelter or safe room is probably a pretty good idea. Even if you never have to use it, having a survival bunker at your disposal can provide you with some necessary peace of mind. Think about it: if you have just one tornado come ripping through your neighborhood in a five year span and it just happens to hit your house, a storm shelter might be the very thing that saves your life. I personally have an above ground safe room that is certified to withstand F5 force winds, but I’ll admit that it was quite pricey and isn’t ideal for everyone who might be working from a limited budget. What you can do, though, is build your own shelter following the simple plans laid out in the video above or by using some of the suggestions I found over on the Survivalist Blog. Following these suggestions, you can probably put together your own storm shelter or safe room for under $2,000. Remember, you’re going to need building materials, so it will cost you some money, but this is an investment in your own well-being an safety! Some of the common elements I see in these shelters are as follows:

1. Your best bet is to go underground, not because it’s safer, but rather because it will be cheaper! The above ground storm shelters like mine are generally made of materials like solid steel and that is where some of the cost comes in. Furthermore, above ground shelters need to fastened down and also require additional concrete work and possibly need to be transported to your home from the manufacturer (unless you can weld your own unit). All of this costs money! Underground shelters use part of the earth as the safety structure and all you have to be able to do is dig!

2. Underground shelters can be place just about anywhere you can dig, so you’re not limited to putting them on or even in a slab of concrete. They do make storm shelters that you place under your garage floor, but I have seen too many problem with these to recommend them to anyone. Furthermore, they are generally very small and cannot provide you with the versatility of one that you build yourself.

3. You can use your self-made storm shelter as a survival bunker also. Remember that underground shelters, if dug deeply enough, can provide you with a place to store food and other necessary supplies for long-term survival. If the bottom portion of your storm shelter walls are earth, you dig into them to create cubby-holes for storage. They also double as great wine cellars!

4. An underground facility may provide you with safety from more types of disasters than an above-ground safe room. I admit that my safe room, while adequate for someone living in tornado alley, is not adequate for other types of disasters. In the event of some major solar anomaly, for example, being under ground would be ideal for protection.

5. Underground shelters have one major flaw: they can be dangerous in the event of a flash flood. Make sure that you build your shelter somewhere where the danger of flooding is minimal or, preferably, non-existent. If necessary, build your shelter into the side of a hill so that water runoff can occur. Design some type of drainage system to keep the water moving away from your shelter. If you are located in a flat or low area, build up the earth around your shelter so that you have a “mound” that repels the water away from the entrance to the shelter. Have you planned for every major type of disaster? Click Here!

Build Your Own Greenhouse for Survival: Free Step-by-Step Plans

Click Here Now!lod_300x250_whisper_v1

As resources continue to dwindle and as climate change continues to loom on the horizon, you can learn to be more self-sufficient by learning to build your own green house for survival. Whether we’re talking about war, the end times, the arrival of Nibiru or some other major distaster, it is imperative that you be prepared for whatever comes your way. Ultimate survival means surviving under ANY conditions and a green house can go far towards helping you under even some of the most extreme circumstances. You ban build your own small cheap greenhouse by either watching the video above for instructions, or you can check out this relatively simple barn greenhouse and follow the simple and free step-by-step plans provided on the homestead and survival website. The advantages to having a greenhouse are numerous:

1. Cheap food! It is much cheaper to buy seeds and plant them at the beginning of the growing season than it is to go out and buy vegetables at the store each week. Think about never having to buy crappy produce at one of those major supermarket food chains again!

2. Hard to get foods: What if you can’t buy certain foods in your area because they are simply not available or too cost prohibitive? Adjust the climate your greenhouse for the purpose of growing these! The possibilities are endless!

3. Organic! You won’t have to worry about what kind of chemical pesticides your foods come with any more because you will now be in control of what goes into your soil and plants! Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of purchasing potentially harmful GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Eat all natural foods the way Mother Nature intended.

4. Extend the growing season. One advantage of a greenhouse is that it keeps you from having to be at the mercy of the growing season itself. If you want to grow spring and summer plants well into the fall or winter, you can with a little greenhouse know-how.

5. Be prepared for food shortages. Ultimately, no pun intended, your survival may depend upon your ability to grow and store your own food. So be sure to have a definite survival plan in place. No idea where to start? Click Here!

Family Survival Plans for the End of Times

Things in the world seem to be going from bad to worse very quickly. A family survival plan for the end times is something that most people now need! It is almost impossible to turn on the news or look on the Internet without seeing some news of some major type of disaster or conflict. It would appear to some that we are moving into that period referred to by the bible as the end times. Whether or not this brings about a major worldwide cataclysm or not remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it is probably better to prepare for what may come, even if it never comes or only comes in some lesser capacity than what you plan for. The old “better safe than sorry” rule applies here. If you go through end times period, you need to know what is coming and how to plan for it. A family survival plan is essential to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some essential things to consider when putting together your family survival plan:

1. Find a good location that you establish yourself and remain self-sufficient for an indefinite period of time. Rural areas are ideal for this and will help your family survive much better than if they were in a city where resources may run out quickly, leading to riots and all other types of crime. Avoid the coastlines and any states where there are more than one major population center. Find a location where there are ample natural resources available.

2. Plan for scarcity. Even though you may be able to sustain yourself where you are at, store away food and water in the even that there is a major collapse of the ecosystem itself. What if your fresh water supply runs out? What if you can’t grow food because of a fungus that kills off significant plant life? What if the fish are killed by radiation from a nuclear disaster? You must have a contingency plan in place.

3. Keep medical supplies and other non-perishable necessities on hand as well. Do you have multiple first aid kits? Do you have gas masks? What if there is a major disease outbreak that turns into a plague? Are you ready for all of the end times disaster scenarios? Click Here!

The Best Places to Survive Climate Change and the Coming Global Collapse

What are the best places that you can go to survive the coming climate change that will eventually impact our entire planet? What if the global economy collapses? Will you be able to survive? Will you know where to go? All of these questions are pertinent to ask when looking at both the long- and short-term future. The signs of climate change and economic turmoil are all around us. It is just a matter of deciding how you will respond to the coming changes or how you will prepare for them in advance of their arrival. Doing so might save your life!

As you can see from this video, one of the main considerations you have to make when determining the best places to survive climate change and societal collapse is where you food will come from. Climate change will make it difficult to predict weather patterns but you will need to have some type of farming plan in place nonetheless. Growing your own food is the surest way to ensure your survival, but you may also need food from additional sources such as animals which can provide much needed protein to sustain life.

So, the first and most obvious location to survive climate change is a rural one. Stay out of the city! Think about it! If society collapses in the midst of a major weather disaster who will competing for resources? Everybody! In a city you will be more likely to see riots over food shortages and other resources when they start to run out. Multiply that stress by tens or hundreds of thousands of people and you will likely have a recipe for a major apocalyptic event, one in which millions of people, maybe billions, will die.

Think of the state in which you live, as a starting point. How many major cities are there in your state? How close to each other are they? Is there enough rural land to which you could escape when climate change sets in and hits with full force? Are there mountains, lakes and rivers nearby? Remember, you will need both shelter and water. Perhaps a nearby series of caves will provide both. Start looking now before it’s too late! If you have the option to move, choose a state that is predominantly rural like those in the Pacific Northwest. Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho are primary examples of a region where survival may be possible.

Move away from the coast! What if a major tsunami takes place? How will you get away? People living along the coastline are sitting ducks! Also, coastal cities tend to be more populous and have greater potential for resource shortages. These will be the first areas to collapse amidst major upheaval!

Research “safe zones” or other areas recognized by those who have had dreams and visions about the future. Sound crazy? Well, maybe it is, but maybe it could also save your life. For instance, check out the “>future world map seen by Gordon Michael Scallionn back in the 1990s. The world could look drastically different after major climate change. Consider several of these “maps” and which zones appear to common to each of the maps.

Finally, put together a survival plan! How? Click Here!

Is the Texas UFO Cube a Sign of the End Times?

Something strange was seen in the skies over Texas on June 29, 2015, that has the Internet all abuzz! No, this time it wasn’t Nibiru or some other misconstrued Planet X sighting, but rather an object that was clearly identifiable in terms of both size and shape. As you can see in the video above, this object appeared to be a cube of some type going up into the clouds. Now, there have been numerous odd UFO sightings over the last two decades or so, but this is certainly among the most clear and strangest. We generally think of saucer- or cigar-shaped objects when we think of UFO sightings because this is how they are typically portrayed by witnesses and media alike. In this particular instance, though, we have something completely different.

What is really odd about the reporting of this incident now is the fact that UFO/Paranormal researchers are trying to associate this sighting with the end times prophecies from Numbers 24: 15-19. Why do we automatically start to think something sinister when we have one of these types of sightings? Furthermore, why is it considered acceptable to misinterpret the bible in this way? Numbers 24 reads: “A star shall rise out of Jacob and a sceptre shall spring up from Israel: and shall strike the chiefs of Moab, and shall waste all the children of Seth. And he shall possess Idumea: the inheritance of Seir shall come to their enemies, but Israel shall do manfully. Out of Jacob shall he come that shall rule, and shall destroy the remains of the city.” The problem with seeing this as and end times prophecy for the present is that the passage actually points to the arrival of the Messiah, who was expected to liberate Israel from its enemies. There is nothing remotely UFO related in this passage. The star is clearly the Messiah and the scepter a sign of messianic kingship, nothing more!

Now, that being said, something really weird is going on in the world and if you aren’t ready for whatever is coming this way, then you need to be! Click Here!

Connecting Jade Helm 15 and the Arrival of Nibiru in 2015

There is still relatively little that we know about the arrival of Nibiru, aside from the fact that it might occur sometime in the near future. What most people want to genuinely know is whether or not it will come in their lifetime and whether or not it will be in the next couple of years. Let’s look at the basic facts here at this point:

1. No one has accurately been able to show the position of Nibiru/Planet X or any evidence of its near arrival in our solar system. Does this invalidate the fact that Nibiru is coming? NO! Why? We have plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing to the possible arrival of an external interstellar body traveling in our direction. For instance, the climate change taking place on the earth AND the other planets in the solar system seems to indicate the activity of an external force. Listen to the video above for more specifics regarding this.

2. We do know that FEMA has already been preparing for some type of massive event that will ultimately result in the death of literally millions of people. The FEMA body bag story has already been covered on this website. We also know that the U.S. government has been establishing underground facilities for the survival of the chosen elites who will wait out the catastrophe underground in the mountains. This suggests a possible flood or some other type of disaster that will accompany the arrival of Nibiru.

3. Jade Helm 15 is now underway in the United States. This supposed military exercise is being disguised as a practice exercise by the U.S. Military, but we now know that this is simply preparation for the arrival of Nibiru. This exercise is taking place right now in the U.S. to prepare us for the arrival of martial law. The exercise will continue through September of 2015. What does this suggest about the possible arrival time in later 2015? Are you ready? Click Here!

Nibiru Spotted on Google Sky as Winged Planet?

If you’re still wondering about the whereabouts of Nibiru, you may have to look no farther than Google Sky coordinates 5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″. Despite what we’ve been seeing in videos and photos that may or may not show Nibiru located somewhere near the sun, the picture that we now see in Google Sky is quite ominous. What is most disturbing about this image is that the object appears to be a winged body, which corresponds with the ancient Sumerian idea of the Destroyer. If this is Nibiru, it is only a matter of time before it arrives. What is even more disturbing about this is the fact that Google Sky had actually censored this image for a number of years and it is just now showing back up. Could it be that NASA and Google are in cahoots and now know that it’s too late to do anything about Nibiru’s arrival? Does this image tell us that we now only have a very short period of time to get ready? Are you ready? Click Here!

Jun 2015 Nibiru Update: Earth’s Magnetic Shield Weakening!

If you haven’t heard, the earth’s magnetic field is weakening at an accelerated rate. What does this have to do with Nibiru? Probably nothing! However, there is still some speculation that the coming killshot from the sun will be precipitated by the arrival of Nibiru or Planet X. The reason that the weakened field is important is because it will make it virtually impossible for the earth to stave off coronal mass ejections or CMEs from the sun. Just this week a major geomagnetic storm took place when the earth received another direct hit from the sun. Eventually we will be without our satellite technology and our modern conveniences. Will you be ready to survive? Click Here!