Where is Planet X Now on May 3, 2013?: Weird Weather Indication of Its Arrival?

Well, here we are on the third of May, 2013, and we still don’t have any definitive sign or proof of Planet X or Nibiru in our sky, or do we? I sit here in the southern United States, writing this blog entry, knowing full-well that the rain outside may turn to snow tonight! This is highly unusual as we face the second southward moving arctic front to hit us this spring already! This weird weather is becoming a little unsettling because it gives us possible indication of the relative closeness of Planet X or Nibiru. As the pole shift increases in momentum, these snowstorms in the spring and summer will increase as well. This is not normal. We have not really even seen the sky here in months because it has been overcast the entire time. I believe that this is by design as the powers that be use HAARP and chemtrails to keep us in the dark about the arrival of Planet X or Nibiru. There can be no doubt that we will soon see it in our night sky and possibly the daytime sky as well. Preparations are being made by governments all around the world as they prepare for the calamity. Don’t believe me? See previous posts regarding the underground facilities in Denver and elsewhere. The time to prepare is now because time is running out! Click Here!

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