Two-Thirds of Earth’s Population to Die in Coming Poleshift of 2012-2013

December 21, 2012, is just around the corner and plenty of people are asking the question of what will happen on this date. My answer to that question is that nothing will happen on that date that probably wasn’t happening on December 20 or will happen on December 22! Does that mean nothing will happen at all? Don’t delude yourself! In fact, the next few weeks might start to get really crazy in terms of earth changes and the ongoing poleshift. The Mayans pointed to that date because of its celestial significance as a galactic alignment is set to take place. Whether this alignment has an effect on the earth or not remains to be seen. We do know, however, as Brent Miller reveals in this interview with Georgy Noory, that once the shift goes into full tilt, that there will be no stopping it and that it will happen quickly. Two-thirds of the earth’s population will die as the planet begins to shift and the tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters begin to grow in number and magnitude. Those who are not ready will die in the process or soon thereafter because of a lack of preparation. Get ready now! Click Here!

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