The Government Coverup of Solar Flares: What Is Going On With Our Sun?

I’ve been saying all along that December 21, 2012 and Nibiru or Planet X are likely to be the least of our worries. I’ve kept an open mind all along, though. After all, this is a survival website and not just one that reports the news of doom and gloom. My intention is to give you the news and tools you need to survive in the event that there is a major cataclysm of some type. I’ve also been saying that there is plenty of reason to believe that the sun and it’s solar flares will likely be the one thing that we really need to be the most worried about. Now, here we are, going into 2013 with all of these reports of NASA’s expectation of massive solar flare activity that we can’t help but speculate and even worry about what the first four months of 2013 might actually look like. I’ve said that December 21 2012 marks the beginning of something and not the end. Have you noticed the lengths the government has gone to to cover up what they actually expect to happen in the near future? Something is definitely going on with our sun and we are getting little by way of government reporting or warnings to prepare. Ed Dames has said that the Killshot is coming and it could be that this spring will be the start of it. Get ready now. Click Here!

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