The Comet ISON/Nibiru Connection and Conspiracy–MUST SEE!!!!!

March 8, 2013 - Uncategorized

We still haven’t been told everything that we need to know about the Nibiru solar system entering ours, but the cat will soon be out of the bag. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the powers that be to hide the evidence. Watch this video and you will see what I mean. This image of Nibiru near the sun is now very common and has been seen by millions of people. The poster of the video shows Nibiru and the brown dwarf star that it accompanies in relation to the sun. That’s right, the mini solar system consists of a brown dwarf star and however many satellite planets it is bringing in tow, including Nibiru. The meteorites and other space junk it will be bringing may be our biggest danger and comet ISON may be the most dangerous object the earth will face in the next year. Set to arrive in November 2013, this comet will soon be visible in both the night and day sky. According to the Zetas, we may begin to experience the pole shift even earlier, perhaps as early as May. Comet ISON may come dangerously close to the earth during that stretch from May to November. You still have time to prepare but you need to hurry. This will help you get ready in time: Click Here!

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