September 8 Update: Nibiru’s Effect on Planetary Orbits Mapped Out

The arrival of Nibiru is still a matter of dispute among those who doubt its existence and those insist that it is coming soon. This video shows how Nibiru will supposedly affect the orbit of the planets as it makes its way through our solar system. Noe how slow it moves until it gets fairly close, at which point it speeds up greatly, slings around the sun and exits the solar system at an alarming rate of speed. It almost strikes Mars on the way out of the solar system! I don’t know about the validity of this video, but it may help us account for why it is taking Nibiru so long to arrive. It may not yet have begun to speed up. Get ready for its arrival by putting together a survival plan now. Here are some tips: Click Here!

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3 Responses to September 8 Update: Nibiru’s Effect on Planetary Orbits Mapped Out

  • Seems like a legit video and at least explains its path.if it is all a hoax,at least the people have an explanation and flight path for the many of the hoaxes dont have any validity to if it is a hoax,i give the people hoaxing and spending all this time and money for videos and space maps an E for effort.if it is not a hoax,may all thats good in this universe help us all.lewis,another strange weather anomoly this getting rumors but no ppics yet of a supposed tornado that hit nyc.thats crazy and not to common.1st thing i thought about was the movie day after tomorrow when the tornados hit L.A..

  • lewisfj says:

    I found a story on it. WEIRD!

  • Managua nicaragua volcano spews ash and lava.things heating up,no pun intended lol.

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