September 19 Update: FEMA Mailbox Stickers Indicate Your Future

Yesterday I brought you the story of the police officer who exposed the FEMA lists back in 2008. These lists have been made for the purpose of determining who will live and who will be “reeducated” once martial law is established. This video provides a chilling corroboration of what the police officer said in yesterday’s video. The stickers are everywhere and if you find one on your own mailbox, be sure to make plans to be ready when the shiznit hits the fan, especially if you’re on the red list! Watch this video and see what you think. It could be that the person who posted the video just went around and put stickers on everyone’s mailbox, but it’s impossible to say. Have you made your plans to survive the upcoming pole shift, arrival of Nibiru and the institution of martial law? Click Here!

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