September 10 Update: Obama to Reveal the Location of Nibiru/Planet X in September

There is some speculation about the possibility of President Barack Obama disclosing the whereabouts of Planet X or Nibiru sometime in the middle of this month, September 2012. This was the buzz, according to a recent article in UFO Digest: Obama To Announce Planet X and ET Presence? I’m not sue if I buy into the whole disclosure notion, especially in light of the government’s general silence on the topic. If there is a Nibiru in our solar system, then I don’t believe they’ll announce much of anything up until the last second, if at all. So, if an announcement does come, you can bet you may have only days or hours to prepare. I suggest getting ready now and if the announcement never comes you’ll be ready for all of the other hell that’s about to break loose on our planet. The video above from Marshall Masters provides what he believes to be the only three credible images of Nibiru or Planet X ever taken. All three have otherwise been removed from Youtube, but he managed to somehow put them into this video compilation. For more tips on getting ready for the pole shift and destruction to come, Click Here!

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