RED ALERT: Comet ISON Debris Field to Hit FEMA Region 3 in U.S.!

Could this be the answer to the question of what the connection is between Comet ISON and the DHS/FEMA October 1 deadline? It appears as if the U.S. and Russian governments are preparing for a major disaster around that deadline. This video claims that the connection between ISON and the FEMA deadline has to do with the fact that the ISON debris tail will hit that region of the United States, along with west coast of the country. Of course, if that is the case, it would mean that the entire U.S. may, in fact, be in danger as the comet’s tail passes through the solar system. The debris could start to hit as early as October, but would likely strike these regions the hardest around January 2014. The time to prepare is NOW! Click Here!

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