October 4 Nibiru Earthquake Update: Unusual Earthquake Activity in the Atlantic–Three quakes over 5.0 and one over 4.

Well, I issued the earthquake warning for October 4 2012 due to the planetary alignments and lo and behold there were three fairly large quakes in the Atlantic and a fourth that was at least noteworthy! The good news is that these quakes took place far enough off shore of any major continents to cause any major damage, but the significance of the earthquakes was in the fact that they were so unusual. To have three quakes of 5.5 or higher and one higher than a 4.0 in the Atlantic is rare. It would be just another day in the Pacific Ocean. So, does this mean that the planetary alignment caused some settling of the Atlantic’s tectonic plates? Or, is Nibiru actually drawing closer? Are the recent sightings of Nibiru real? Perhaps we’re moving into the galactic rift to the point where it’s finally having an effect on the planet. Maybe this trend will continue through December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Did you read my article about the Croatian scientist who said the world seems to be tearing apart? Have you prepared? Click Here!

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