November 2013 Pole Shift/Nibiru Alert: Rare Floods Hit Saudi Arabia!!!!

November 20, 2013 - Uncategorized

In one of the world’s most arid regions, recent flash floods in Saudi Arabia give us possible further indication of the arrival of Nibiru or an impending pole shift. On November 16, 2013, Saudi Arabia was hit with a series of raging floods that only seem to indicate that the weather anomalies are somehow related to another impending event of larger proportions. We do know that the weather appears to be getting worse and may be a possible fulfillment of biblical prophecy as an indication of end times events. It may also be that the arrival of the so-called Nibiru or Planet X may be the primary reason behind such events. There have been some indications that the arrival of Nibiru may be related to the arrival of Comet ISON, as some reports seem to point out that the two may be traveling together. Survival is possible during these scary times, but only with proper preparation. The U.S. Government and other nations have been preparing for the arrival of a major extinction level event for quite some time. Shouldn’t you be ready also? Click Here!

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