Nibiru Sighted By Journalist in U.K. in June 2013!!!!

Wan to know where Nibiru is now in June 2013? Well, it appears that a journalist in the U.K. happened to snap a shot of dark star or rogue planet as he was waiting for his ride one day. Whether or not this is a credible sighting is tough to say, but I think that we’re probably looking at a sun dog here. Why? Look how the light radiating from the sun and from this object are both nearly identical. The oval around each is angled the exact same way. This would indicate that there was probably a duplication created by the camera lens here. Sorry to burst your Nibiru bubble! Does this mean that there will be no Nibiru or Pole Shift? Don’t bet on it! Read my previous posts and watch those videos. They will provide far more substantial evidence. Have you begun to prepare for the pole shift? Click Here!

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