June 3 Nibiru/Planet X Update: 2013 Predictions That Came True!!!

Here we are in mid-2013 and we seem to have survived the December 21, 2012, hysteria with the end of the Mayan calendar. Also, we’ve not see the arrival of Nibiru or Planet X as of yet. End of the world or apocalyptic scenarios have not yet manifested. Many of the predictions for 2012 did not come true, but there may be a series of predictions for 2013 that will come true. How do we know? These predictions are such that they are likely to come true in 2013, based on current government and citizen activities. It appears that a civil war may be brewing in the U.S.!

1. Global debt collapse arrives
2. Obama administration attempts to gut 2nd Amendment to Constitution.
3. Martial law declared in America.
4. Extreme shortage of guns and ammo in America.
5. Tactical weapon strikes on Iran.
6. Massive false flag attempt carried out and blamed on U.S. patriots.
7. Department of Homeland Security arms the TSA and begins abuse against American citizens.
8. A resistance movement will rise up in America and fight against these government abuses.
9. First Amendment attacks will continue as the government seizes websites to cut off opposition movements.
10. There will be a rise in threats and violent outbursts among those who disagree.

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