July 6 2012 Nibiru Update: The Pole Shift Has Started

July 6, 2012 - Uncategorized

Whether it’s Nibiru or Planet X, or even the solar system moving through the galactic rift, the end result is basically going to be the same. A pole shift is coming and, indeed, is already well under way. We know this because the magnetic poles have already shifted steadily over the last decade and we know that once the sudden shift of flip happens, that is when all of the S.H.T.F. There is likely to be nothing much we can actually do about it except be prepared the event that we actually survive. Those who are come out alive will be here to rebuild and will need to be prepared to live in a strange new world. Listen to the above video about the pole shift to get a more detailed idea of what I mean. Click Here if you want to read more about the Official 2012 Countdown.

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