Is Comet ISON the Red Kachina of Hopi Prophecy? Is Its Tail Turning Red As it Nears the Earth?

Comet ISON is set to makes its pass by the earth in the next couple of weeks and there’s plenty of speculation about what its arrival actually signifies. Is this just a dirty snowball passing through our solar system or is this comet something dangerous to be feared? If you consider the comet in light of Hopi Prophecy, you might be a little more afraid of what is about to transpire: Comet ISON’s tail appears to be turning red! What does this mean? Well, it may be possible that the comet is actually the Red Kachina mentioned by Hopi prophecy. Hopi prophecy states that the “destroyer” or Red Kachina makes its way through our solar system fairly regularly, bringing worldwide destruction and devastation. This is why human civilization has come and gone so many times. We are long overdue for another tumultuous ending! Click Here!

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