Is Comet ISON Really a Comet? The Real Truth May Scare the Hell Out of You!

We don’t hear much talk of Comet ISON in the mainstream media and the Nibiru talk has sure died down over the last year, but there is good reason to believe that we may need to be a little more aware of what is really out there. Comet ISON is supposed to pass through our inner solar system between October and December 2013. Even though NASA Stereoscope images seem to indicate that the comet will pass through without any major collisions, a few things don’t add up here and this video shows that we are clearly not being told the entire truth. Did you know that all access to Comet ISON images have now been shut off by NASA? This has just happened in the last few days. As you can see here, ISON may not even really be a comet. Maybe we are talking about a brown dwarf star or an object we should designate as Nibiru or Planet X. The speed at which it is heading toward us does not require that it actually collide with us to cause significant damage! This is the key that most of the skeptics are missing! The plasma field generated by an object traveling at this speed could end up being catastrophic for those on planet earth! Communications systems will fail. The world will plunge into darkness. Only the strong and the prepared will survive: Click Here!

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