Huge Explosion in Louisiana May Be The Result of Meteorite Crash–Nibiru Coming!

There appears to be lots of breaking news from space today. Aside from the Texas UFO sighting from last night, I found this video documenting a possible meteorite crash in Louisiana. The crash itself set off a huge explosion that made quite an impact on the seismic counters. In trying to find confirmation of the event, I found websites saying that it was a meteorite, but others that say it was not. Stand by for more information once I find out the truth on this one. Let me just say, though, if this does turn out to be a significant meteorite crash then we may be looking at the beginning of something significant. If Nibiru is coming, then the entire system should bring plenty of meteorites and possibly asteroids with it. The debris field being dragged along behind it should contain these objects which will slam into the earth. Keep your eyes on the skies and be ready. It could just be an isolated event too, but it’s always better to be prepared. Click Here!

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