December 4 Update: Earth Expected to Enter Comet ISON Debris Field

December 4, 2013 - Uncategorized

Comet ISON has disintegrated and the “comet of the century” seems to be no more, but is its impact on the earth and the rest of the solar system may not yet be over. As the comet made its way around the sun, it broke up into potentially thousands or even millions of pieces. This debris tail will continue on, leaving a trail where Comet ISON would have continued to exist had it survived. Now the earth will travel through this debris field in mid-January, 2014. What will actually happen depends upon the debris field itself. NASA claims that it will have little effect on planet earth, but we really don’t know what size the pieces are or how many there may actually be. NASA continually downplays these types of events, but there is real reason to be concerned here. Could we be looking at an apocalyptic scenario where the signs in the skies point us toward a major disaster? Now is not the time to duck our heads in the sand and hide. There is still time to prepare: Click Here!

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