David Icke Predictions: Massive Global Depopulation in 2013?

When David Icke speaks, people listen. Why? Because Icke is one of the few people who have been spot on with his predictions for nearly three decades now. One message that Icke has been consistent on is the establishment of the New World Order. The only way that it can be established is through massive depopulation. Supposedly there was a book written in 1912 that predicted this would start in 2013. I saw this on one of the David Icke forum threads. Whether or not this actually relates to any of Icke’s predictions or not remains to be seen, but it is something to make note of moving forward. Less and less people are talking about a threat from Nibiru now that December 21, 2012 has passed and the end of the Mayan calendar proved to be just another day. However, what we should now be looking at is the massive influenza and other epidemics sweeping the world. Microorganisms will be the true agent of depopulation. Survive the coming disaster: Click Here!

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