Comet ISON Debris or the Nibiru System? Incoming Fireballs Hit FEMA Region 3 and Mexico!!!

We’re still waiting for “the big one,” whatever that may actually be. However, the truth of the matter is that we have already started to see a strange uptick in meteorite sightings in the last few days. Maybe that October 1 FEMA Region 3 deadline was not so strange after all! It appears as if Region 3 is the site of most of these sightings so far. Check out the meteorite sighting map from the Lunar Meteorite Hunter! Clearly it is the east coast of the United States which has been pummeled and will likely see more dangerous Comet ISON debris in the next few weeks! In the videos above, there are fireballs reporting traveling through the skies of both Ithaca, New York, and Mexico! Apparently the one over Mexico managed to actually cause some damage, cutting the electrical power in the vicinity of where it made impact. The only question I have now is whether this is actually the result of Comet ISON or if we’re possibly looking at the arrival of the Nibiru system. After all, there are plenty of strange sightings which seem to suggest that several objects are inbound and not just one comet per se. I’ll post more on this topic in the next couple of days. Stay safe or get safe! Get ready now! Click Here!

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