August 8 2012 Nibiru/Planet X Update: Obama to Announce Extinction Level Event Soon

August 8, 2012 - Uncategorized

Is it possible that President Barack Obama is getting ready to announce an impending extinction level event? With all the news and talk about Nibiru and Planet X on the Internet and alternative news airwaves, it is a possibility, but a slim one at best. If you can stand to sit through the above video (I admit that I have a hard time listening to this guy for any extended period of time), you’ll see/hear that this may indeed be the case. However, I think we may not know about any impending doom right up until the last possible second. The panic and chaos that will ensue will look like a scene out of Deep Impact. That movie, I believe, is about as close to disclosure as we’re ever going to really get. The key here is whether or not President Obama is going to make the announcement, but rather that it is a possibility. That tells you that something is likely going on behind the scenes and, if you’re paying attention, you know something is coming. It could be Nibiru or Planet X, but it could be something less obvious like a pole shift. Whether it happens now or on December 21, 2012, at the end of the Mayan calendar, it is a good idea to take some basic steps to get ready. If you want some basic survival suggestions, Click Here!. I found this to be extremely helpful myself and so will you.

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