August 27 Nibiru/Planet X Update: 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Off the Shore of El Salvador

I just reported a little while ago about the 300 earthquakes in California and the others in Mexico an Indonesia. Just hours later, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake was reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. This quake and its effects are still unknown at this time, although the USGS site certainly provides plenty of detailed information. There appears to be no tsunami warning despite the location of the earthquake. As I was getting ready to report this to you, another earthquake took place in Mexico. I have no details regarding that quake at the moment, but if it proves to be significant, I’ll get you the details. What amazes me about today is the fact that we have all of these earthquakes taking place, typhoons hitting Okinawa, tropical storm Isaac trying to become a hurricane and pummel the U.S. and news of a brown dwarf star near the big dipper some 27 light years away. This all seems a little too coincidental for me. Maybe we’re starting to get a little dose of Nibiru or Planet X. Maybe the countdown to the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, has now begun! Click Here to learn how to survive any disaster!

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4 Responses to August 27 Nibiru/Planet X Update: 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Off the Shore of El Salvador

  • Grace David says:

    Hi. I’m from Malaysia. Thanks for your very up-to-date info. It’s really informative and helpful. Please, please do not stop this effort. It’s sort of helping the whole world by keeping us informed. God Bless.

  • I agree 100% that the earth is having a nervous breakdown and lets not forget to mention the sun and the solar flares it has been emitting over the past much as im a romantic skeptic about nibiru,i have to say something is up big time.its either the pole shift or its what is making the pole shift.

  • lewisfj says:

    I think that the real dangers are the sun and pole shift too. I report the Nibiru stuff because there’s plenty of it out there, but our real dangers are immediate and probably not out there somewere headed this way.

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