August 15 Nibiru Update: New Zealand and Australia to Go Down Under (the ocean) During Nibiru’s Arrival

August 15, 2012 - Uncategorized

If you read this blog regularly, you know there is much speculation about the whereabouts of Nibiru and its supposed effects when it arrives in the solar system and passes planet Earth at its closest point in its orbit. In a recent letter posted on Stan Deyo’s Millennium Ark website, Stan and Holly’s friend Karen Lyster described an encounter she had with a Maori elder in New Zealand. This elder, an unnamed 45-year-old woman known for her intuitive abilities, was taken to the northernmost point in New Zealand and given a vision of what New Zealand was going to look like after the coming pole shift and the major earth changes that will take place in 2012. She was shown how New Zealand would literally gain miles upon miles of new land after Nibiru makes its approach. Prior to this land gain though, both Australia and New Zealand will be plunged beneath the sea and will only emerge following a twisting and turning movement. How much of each will be submerged, she does not say. This confirms or at least goes along with what other earth change predictors have been saying for over a decade now. The damage will much greater than the 2011 earthquake that shook Christchurch (see video above) It’s time to get ready to survive the coming cataclysms. Click Here to get started!

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