August 12 Update: Flooding and Chaos in Philippines as Nibiru/Planet X Causes Massive Storms

August 13, 2012 - Uncategorized

If you need further confirmation that the earth’s ecosystem is out of whack and that it may be caused by an external source such as Nibiru or Planet X, consider the typhoon hitting the Philippines during the first week of August 2012. Now you might say: How is this different than any other year or any other period in human history, but keep in mind that this is all taking place amidst an increase in earthquake activity, melting arctic ice caps, a break down of the earth’s magnetosphere and a screwed up jet stream! Oh, and let’s not forget the sudden increase in volcanic activity all over the planet. Why is this happening? Well, if Nibiru or Planet X is making its way through the solar system, then it will cause the electrically charged system to discharge, so to speak. This is the contention of James McCanney who believes that the solar system is positively charged. Nibiru or Planet X would disrupt this charge, kind of like an electrical transformer that blows out. This will have an effect on the entire ecosystem of the earth, including a sudden heating of the earth’s core, which leads to more volcanic activity. The above video of the Philippine floods indicates that all hell is breaking loose. Did you hear anything about the flood on the news today or in the last week? Not likely. The government, NASA and FEMA are keeping the arrival of Nibiru covered up until the last second. I guess they are willing to cut their losses and leave some of us to die. If you want to fend for yourself, Click Here and take control of your future!

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